An electoral victory for whom?

Published 15.06.2015 20:33
Updated 15.06.2015 22:16

The general elections were held and are over. Of course, one must respect the results.

I am also in general terms respectful of the election results.

However, I believe that our European friends should be more careful on a particular matter. The circles having problems with Turkey rejoiced at the election results, which I understand. In their opinion, as far as one can understand, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who was elected through a democratic election, is the main problem. The fact that Erdoğan looks after Turkey's interests naturally conflicts with the interests of certain European circles. That is why their rejoicing is natural.

But they have to be honest.

Did they not claim that Turkey is ruled by a dictatorship? Did they not claim that Erdoğan was a dictator and the country was under his complete control? Did they not claim that the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government was going to manipulate the elections? They even doubted that there would be a democratic election.

We listened to those claims a lot both in Brussels and in some of the capitals of EU countries.

Did they not want EU delegations to monitor the elections to "prevent the AK Party government from rigging the elections?"

As a matter of fact, what did the watchdogs monitor?

When are they going to explain that there is not a dictatorship in Turkey and the AK Party government did its best to hold the elections in the most democratic and fair environment?

The fact that the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) passed the 10 percent election threshold made certain circles very happy especially in Brussels and EU capitals. The HDP really worked hard. Besides, "the happy oligarchical minority" of Turkey that has problems with Muslims and that had not hired a doorman "of Kurdish origin" until yesterday because they do not trust them became mobilized so that the HDP could pass the threshold.

Forty-five percent of our high society in the Bebek neighborhood of Istanbul where I spent my childhood and youth and, where in effect the word "Kurdish" was used not as praise but as an insult, voted for the HDP. Again, the HDP got support from approximately 60 percent in Istanbul's ritzy Nişantaşı neighborhood.

With these elections we saw that the main problem of the circles that are most problematic with Kurds is in fact Muslims. "The happy oligarchical minority," believing the sophistry that the AK Party will bring sharia one day, somehow never hesitated to support the circles they called separatists, among whom were there valuable artists such as Ahmet Kaya whom they kicked off the stage by throwing forks and knives.

We have not been saying a word until this point.

Of course, they know whom they are going to elect.

Yet, did both the high society of Turkey that voted for the HDP and political circles such as the German Green Party declaring that they support the HDP and that what mattered was to prevent the AK Party from reaching a majority, and every way is valid for that aim on the TV programs they appeared on after the elections, know that they willingly ignored that they condoned terror?

When this is taken into consideration, the HDP's electoral victory is unfortunately not a democratic victory.

The HDP passed the 10 percent election threshold because of the armed propaganda and threatening activities organized by the outlawed PKK base in Qandil Mountains in northern Iraq.

As those who truly and wholeheartedly believe in the reconciliation process, it is said to ascertain that both the HDP and PKK leadership as well as the foreign powers behind them that are uncomfortable with the support of imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan on İmralı Island in the reconciliation process want to use this election as an opportunity to get İmralı out of the way. It became clear with this election that neither the HDP nor the PKK in the Qandil Mountains gave sincere support to our goal to stop PKK violence. Two bombs that exploded two days before the elections at a HDP rally and the murder of people is very questionable considering this event's impact on the elections.

The PKK collected votes for the HDP by executing bloody propaganda on villages and by saying that they would burn down the villages that do not vote for the HDP, and HDP administrators have not been annoyed by this situation.

On Sunday, May 31 in the Buca district of İzmir in Western Turkey and in one of our most modern cities, I personally witnessed a Kurdish citizen of ours say: "They called me into the HDP office; I went there and they threatened me until 1:30 a.m. They told me that they were going to hurt my children. I got afraid and I promised to vote for the HDP, then they let me go."

While this Kurdish citizen of ours was narrating this event in a place where we coincidentally dropped by, Hasnain Kazım, who is German magazine Der Spiegel's reporter for Turkey and who was together with us that day to watch the election campaign in İzmir, was with me and he also witnessed this serious situation.

I wonder whether the German Green Party and other European circles buried their hands in the sand not to see the bloody role the PKK terrorist organization played in June 7 general elections. Or do they stand behind the hideous statement that every way is valid to block AK Party as uttered by one of the representatives of the German Green Party?

If the EU's values are trampled on when Turkey is at stake and even this is valid, then is the EU's credibility possible?

Despite everything, the AK Party and Erdoğan respected the results of the ballot boxes.

But this does not change the truth.

The force that made the HDP pass the election threshold was the PKK. And the method it implemented was to threaten the electorate with violence – to kill, to hurt one's relatives and to burn down villages.

That is why the AK Party base is absolutely against a coalition with the HDP. However, the same base rigidly stood by the reconciliation process despite the harshest criticism and even internal oppositions. Because of the AK Party base, "mothers stopped crying" in Turkey.

Now, our biggest worry is about the possibility of mothers crying again.

Our worry, of course, is not the problem of foreign powers aiming to keep Turkey away from peace.

However, if EU is sincere and looks after its values, this should be their problem, as well. They should very well analyze this election, especially what I have just stated above!

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