Junta days in Brussels

Published 24.11.2015 01:19

The latest incidents in Brussels remind me of the Sept. 12, 1980 coup in Turkey, when generals disregarded the values of democracy. Only if the army seizes control of the government could one see so many military officers and vehicles on the streets in Brussels. Metro stations in the city were completely closed. The trams did not operate either, and shopping malls, bars and restaurants were shut down at early hours, which is reminiscent of a military coup.

Am I opposed to these measures? Of course not. Contrarily, I can understand all the measures taken in Belgium. Who can oppose precautions that are taken to prevent possible terrorist attacks? We also see similar measures in France. The situation is the same in other EU countries targeted by DAESH. I do not have an objection to that.

But do we not have a right to wait for an apology, or at least self-criticism, from our European friends? When terrorist organizations threatened life in Turkey, Europeans regarded some measures taken by Ankara, which are less than their current measures, as an attack on democracy instead of being in solidarity with Turkey against terrorism.

However, the measures taken in Turkey were not even half of the current measures taken in Belgium. Besides, Turkey is not only confronted with DAESH, but also struggles against the outlawed PKK, which has so far killed innumerous people including civilians. How would our European friends react if Turkey, which was not only threatened, but also subjected to many fatal attacks, had taken measures restricting liberties such as Belgium and France have done lately?

We know the answer. Some Europeans were until recently labeling Turkey a fascist country instead of supporting it in the scope of the counterterror fight. However, even during the toughest days Turkey experienced, we did not see as many military officers and vehicles in any part of Turkey as we did in Brussels. Public transportation was canceled neither in Ankara nor Istanbul.

Where are some of our European friends now who ramped and raged against Turkey when Turkey had to take some precautions after terrorists misused some social media facilities including Facebook and Twitter? Maybe they are not informed since they cannot use their social media accounts, but we should remind them that none of the Internet restrictions France has recently implemented were implemented in Turkey. In Germany, a renowned journalist was discharged from his job only because he used a smiley face in a message he posted on Twitter.

Some German friends slammed Turkey on the grounds that it does not have press freedoms when some journalists were detained, but they could not raise their voice regarding press freedoms in Germany now. Besides, it is known that the detainments of journalists in Turkey were not acts against the freedom of the press. Most of the journalists were detained for various charges including being members of terrorist organizations, participating in violent activities, speaking on behalf of illegal organizations or being engaged in criminal activities in cooperation with the "parallel structure," which is a mafia-type organization trying to seize government control. Every state of law condemns such activities as required.

We do not argue that Belgium, France or Germany is implementing fascist practices. We do not blame them, and do not organize meetings regarding their freedom of the press. And we do not invite proponents of terror in Belgium, France or Germany to our meetings and applaud them.

However, we had to experience such acts against Turkey. Many times, terrorists were hosted as speakers with their so-called expert titles at various parliaments in Europe.

Now, EU countries are seeing that Turkey's efforts and acts were right and required as part of the fight against all kinds of terror activities in recent years. Ankara's acts still have not restricted citizens.

The EU, which is the stronghold of democracy and liberties, left us alone in the face of PKK terror and tried to prevent our fight. And now it has gotten ahead of us in terms of precautions when it is targeted by terrorist activities.

Turkey's rightfulness is becoming more obvious day by day. Unfortunately, loss of life and property are on the increase since this process of realization always takes a long time.

Here is the Syrian case. Ankara had warned the world of the dictatorial Syrian President Bashar Assad. State terror has so far claimed many lives and still continues to pose a danger in Syria. Plus, it causes ever-increasing numbers of refugees. Lately, with the support of Russian aircraft and cooperation with the PKK and the Democratic Union Party (PYD), Assad's terrorist army unfortunately attacks Turkmens who are fighting against DAESH.

Turkmens in Syria are in a tight corner now since they are targeted by DAESH, the PKK, the PYD and Assad's forces at the same time. About 100,000 Turkmens have already begun to wait at the Turkish border gate hoping to survive.

Our European friends who back the PKK and PYD on the grounds of the lie that they fight against DAESH must stop hiding their heads in the sand.

As long as an effective effort is not exerted against DAESH, the PKK, the PYD and Assad's state terror in cooperation with Turkey, EU countries will undoubtedly continue to sacrifice their freedoms even more.

The EU should grasp that Turkey is its only genuine ally in the violent Middle East.

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