Comment after analyzing the atrocity in Turkey

Published 15.08.2016 23:02

In the aftermath of the July 15 coup attempt, the EU's approach to Turkey has grown strange. Turkey's democracy was confronted with an atrocious attack on the night of July 15 and on the morning of July 16. All the violence happened in front of the world thanks to the free media's heroic struggle to live broadcast the incidents. The world saw the moments when uniformed militants raided TV stations and when Turkish citizens saved those TV stations from occupation and handed them over to the police.

In front of the world, F-16s piloted by militants that infiltrated the military bombed parts of Ankara. Parliament, which they bombed, was in the vicinity of the U.S. and German Embassies. That night, the people at the German Embassy also underwent the same experiences as we did and understood what it means to be the target of an airstrike. The bombs hitting Parliament also shook the German Embassy. Since the embassy is located between Parliament and the Prime Ministry, which was another target of helicopters that night, a bomb or a bullet could have possibly hit the embassy.

Likewise, the Ankara Police Department, National Intelligence Organization (MİT) and the Special Operations Command, which is the center of the counterterror fight, and the people in front of the Presidential Palace were bombed. People resisting the uniformed militants on the streets were shot with helicopter antiaircraft weapons. In Ankara and Istanbul, Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) members murdered people in front of the world. A uniformed militant sniper, who targeted people from one leg of the Bosporus Bridge, did killed a 16-year-old, but was rendered ineffective by the police.

Due to these incidents, I remembered the film "London Has Fallen," which I watched a few months before the coup attempt. It was as if we were on the wrong side of the camera. But what we went through was unfortunately real.

During the first moments of July 16, while witnessing the ferocity in Ankara, I also remembered Salvador Guillermo Allende, Chile's executed former president. Allende was elected in democratic elections in 1970, but the U.S. did not favor his presidency. The U.S. eventually reached its goal and as a result of a coup that was organized by militants in uniforms, Allende was executed on Sept. 11, 1973. People last saw him resisting with an automatic rifle in his hand, and afterward, news of his death was heard. In 1973, Chilean democracy was tormented by an atrocious coup. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed. Many of them are still missing.

In 1973, Augusto José Ramón Pinochet seized control in Chile with militants in uniforms at his command. Unfortunately, Chileans did not gather the strength to defend Allende and Chile was harmed as a result. In 1990, Chile could have been saved from the tyranny of Pinochet. Between 1973 and 1990, every value of humanity was disgraced in Chile. In 2001, when his trial became possible, he evaded court due to his age and ended up dying and went to the hell he was supposed to go to.

The EU rightfully condemned the tyranny of Pinochet. They declared that they would detain him if he visited the EU. I was proud of this stance. This was exactly what the EU must do.

The EU must condemn all terrorists against humanity. Why is the EU's approach the exact opposite of what it was with Pinochet now that it is Turkey?

When inquired into only a little, it can be easily seen that Fethullah Gülen is a terrorist who is much more dangerous than Pinochet. The uniformed militants at his command were aiming to assassinate President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who was elected in democratic elections. The president, on the other hand, rejected the offers to send him to a Greek island and bravely chose to fight for democracy. Turkey was lucky compared to Chile because the Turkish people had paid heavy price in the coups of 1960, 1971 and 1980.

Turkish citizens resisted the FETÖ militants, and Chile's fate in 1973 was not repeated in Turkey. Why does the EU avoid applauding the Turkish people while grieving over Allende and cursing Pinochet? EU countries, of which I was proud when they sided with Allende, are now adopting an obnoxious demeanor against Erdoğan.

In 2016, I feel ashamed of the EU, while I was proud of it in 1973.

When I was 12, I sided with democracy by taking to the streets with my mother and father for Allende. And now, at the age of 56, I took to the streets to defend democracy in Ankara once again. And I had to witness the double standards and hypocrisy of the EU. However, if they listen to what happened at the German Embassy on July 15 from the people who honestly tell what they underwent, it would be enough to get a good grasp on Turkey.

In the aftermath of July 15, they could have examined the damage in Turkey and wished a quick recovery to Turkey instead of humiliating the Turkish people with their obnoxious remarks. If only you listened to the stories of the deceased people's children, spouses and parents. If only mothers could tell you how their sons were killed and people could describe the ferocity of the attacks. Besides, Chile is far away while Turkey is just by your side.

It is still not too late.

Visit Turkey. Examine the remnants of the atrocity. I am sure you will end up abhorring the FETÖ and all the twisted minds supporting Gülen in the same way as you abhored and cursed Pinochet.

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