Europe does not care about terrorist killings

Published 14.08.2017 23:39
Updated 15.08.2017 01:57

Eren Bülbül was only 15 years old. Living in Trabzon province in northern Turkey, he was a fatherless child of a poor family. Despite all the harsh circumstances, he was looking at the future with high hopes. Football was everything to him. He might have had a good life had he not been killed by militants from the outlawed PKK.In Europe, it causes a rampage if an armed militant harms a police officer. And if a child or a young person is brutally murdered, it stirs a great disturbance in society and for good reason. Serious measures are taken until the police find the murderer while churches and civil society also take action.

The home of the victim is filled with flowers and messages of condolence and violence is condemned. All these actions are necessary in the name of the state of law and humanity in general.But for some reason, European politicians, churches and civil society remain silent when a similar atrocity happens in Turkey. More than just keeping silent, they also strive to defend the murderers and terrorists on some occasions. By attempting to justify the violence used by terrorists as a rightful struggle, they lead to a huge fallacy for humanity.When terrorists kill people in Turkey, no one in Europe shows any reaction. No one sheds tears for them. No one lights a candle in a church, prays for victims or condemns terrorism.Can the innocent babies, children and youth killed by the PKK be ignored?

When PKK militants kill Turkish police or military officers, some Europeans tend to explain it by arguing that there is a war going on and such casualties are seen in wars. Even if they explain every aspect of this violence as such, is killing babies, children or young people during warfare not a crime against humanity? Why do they remain silent in the face of such crimes against humanity? Those supporting the PKK in parliaments, churches, unions, associations and many other places across Europe are also supporting the killing of innocent children.Apparently, the interior ministers, police commissioners, mayors and other authorities who allow or condone PKK propaganda in many European cities do not listen to the voice of their conscience. How can they not see the fact that they are basically abetting the brutal murders of terrorists while allowing them to organize rallies or meetings in European cities?Are the German, Austrian or Belgian police's consciences not hurt while protecting pro-PKK rallies, especially when they think about their counterparts who are brutally killed by the PKK in Turkey?

Also, do teachers' unions in Europe that strongly support PKK militants and proponents not have any conscience? The number of young teachers killed while working with great devotion has exceeded 100. The only thing those teachers did was teach children how to read and write and instill a love for humanity in them. The PKK, on the other hand, wants children and youth to remain ignorant and develop hatred for people. New militants can be raised this way. For this very reason, they are hostile to teachers. However, teachers unions in Europe sadly support these militants. What a grim picture.Bülbül was 15 years old when he was killed by PKK militants. Do teachers unions care about this incident?

By the way, how is the vacation going for European Parliament members? Are their children and families having a good time? Those vacationing on beaches, at luxury hotels or beautiful holiday resorts do not seem to care about Turkey these days. After the break ends, they will probably keep on issuing statements against Turkey and siding with the PKK. What a pity.If they can see the truth, or at least make an effort to see the truth, it would be a great step for all of humanity.Bülbül might have been alive today had they noticed what kind of an anti-human organization the PKK is and refused to side with its proponents in parliament halls.But he is dead now. Do not let more children die. It is high time Europe woke up from its sleep. Europe should not turn into a continent siding with terrorism propaganda and terrorists.

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