East of the Euphrates is a nest of terrorism

Published 20.12.2018 02:06
Updated 20.12.2018 10:03

On Tuesday, a critical step for Syria was taken in Geneva with the efforts of Turkey, Russia, and Iran.

Thanks to this step, soon the commission that will pen the democratic constitution of Syria will be formed. Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu came together with his Russian colleague Sergey Lavrov and Iranian colleague Cevad Zarif and announced a joint memo regarding this particularly important matter for Syria.

As it is known, according to U.N. Security Council Resolution 2254, a rewriting of Syrian constitution was proposed to benefit the political transformation process. During the National Dialogue Congress that was held in Sochi, Russia in January 2018, representatives from the U.N., Turkey, Iran, and the host country Russia, together with the Syrian parties, decided to form a Constitutional Committee. Some problems were encountered during the appointment process of Constitutional Committee, which will be composed of 150 people, due to interference by the Syrian dictator, Bashar Assad.

During the Syrian summit that was held on Oct. 27, 2018 in Istanbul, leaders from Turkey, Russia, Germany and France had agreed to the formation of the committee before Dec. 31, 2018.

According to the joint declaration of three ministers declared in Geneva on Tuesday, the committee that will pen the Syrian constitution could be formed at the beginning of 2019. Çavuşoğlu also announced that they had reached a critical stage on the formation of the constitutional committee.

Turkey is really working very hard to bring an end to the civil war in Syria. Turkey's goals include both the ending of the civil war and the continued existence of Syria as a democratic state. When this is achieved, Syrian refugees can safely return to their country. The EU should support Turkey much more actively on this subject because the end of the civil war in Syria can only be achieved with Russia and Iran. The only European country that can provide this outcome is Turkey.

Both EU public opinion and EU member governments can take a breather regarding their concerns about Syrian refugees only when the civil war in Syria is over. In addition to not receiving further refugees, many existing refugees can also return to their country - all thanks to Turkey.

However, there is another urgent matter that has to be resolved. This matter is the annihilation of certain terrorist elements that have invaded specific regions of Syria by seizing the opportunities caused by the civil war. Turkey has already liberated certain parts of Syria from terrorist occupation. Some 300,000 refugees were able to return to their lands due to Turkey's actions. Now it is time for the eastern region of the Euphrates River. The place is a complete terrorist nest.

The PKK terrorist organization, its Syria based branch - the People's Protection Units (YPG) - and Daesh terrorists collaborating with them are oppressing the Arab majority and Kurdish minority living in the territory. Terrorists belonging to the PKK and YPG terrorist organization have opened vast underground tunnel networks as long as 1,000 kilometers and dug trenches to turn the territory into a terrorist encampment.

The local population does not have any guarantee for their lives and belongings. Migrating from the territory to seek refuge in other countries is their only option. Now it is time to deal with these terrorists. Turkey is determined.

There are around 7,000 U.S. soldiers in the region. However, rather than fighting against the terrorists they are supporting them. It is clear that the U.S. has no plans to end the civil war in Syria. By using the fight against Daesh as an excuse, they are trying to gain control of a specific part of the region by supporting the PKK and its Syrian branch the YPG, which are simply other terrorist organizations.

This U.S. policy causes more Syrian deaths and causes more refugees to migrate to EU nations. For this reason, the EU should support Turkey's total war against terror. The EU public should be informed correctly. Only by clearing Syria from all of the terrorist presence within it, can the refugee crisis emanating from this country can be averted.

It is crucial for our European friends to not to be fooled by the lies that are being spread by terrorist sympathizers who are waving terrorist flags in EU cities.

Only when Turkey subdues the PKK and YPG terrorist organizations east of the Euphrates, and only then, will peace in Syria be possible.

On the one hand, Turkey is working to form the future of Syria as a democratic state, by including EU member states like Germany and France in talks with Russia and Iran, while on the other hand, it is fighting to root out terror in Syria.

Now the EU and its member states must see the reality regarding this matter and should support Turkey, first and foremost for their own benefit and the well-being of their people.

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