Lindsey Graham: YPG's political branch is connected to PKK, the proof is clear

Published 21.01.2019 21:54
Updated 22.01.2019 00:17

We have been explaining for a while now that one of the terrorist organizations that has been drenching Syria in blood is the People's Protection Unit (YPG), which is, in reality, an extension of the PKK in Syria. However, especially in certain EU member nations, politicians have been unwilling to see this reality, and media is supporting this terrorist organization with the lie that "the YPG is fighting Daesh." European society is being misled on this matter.

Recently, an important person from the U.S., Republican U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, explained the truth, saying, "There is no difference between the YPG and PKK," during his visit to Turkey on Jan. 18-19. What will those who do not want to believe us say after Graham's statements?

As you may know, Graham is not just any American politician. Graham has been South Carolina's senator since 2003. Between 1995 and 2003, he worked as a South Carolina state representative. In the 2016 U.S. presidential elections, he became a candidate; however, later on, withdrew from the race. President Donald Trump values his views. He does not shy away from stating the truth openly. He views the U.S.' support of the YPG in Syria as a mistake. He especially attempts to show that such actions harm an ally like Turkey.

Graham, who stated during his meetings in Ankara that "the U.S.' strategy during the previous President [Barack] Obama's regime was in error," also said that he "knew what it meant for Turkey when he learned the plan about supplying the YPG with weapons."

By saying that, "The YPG's political branch is connected to PKK. The proof is clear," he clearly states how wrong the policy of the U.S. is.

In even a more precise manner, he said, "We must protect Turkey, and we have to solve the YPG/PKK problem we have caused for Turkey. I said to Mr. President, if we withdraw and if we don't do it properly, we will create a nightmare for Turkey. Obama, by arming the YPG, created a nightmare for Turkey. Mr. Trump must be cautious with the withdrawal and must not leave the problem on Turkeys lap," supporting Turkey's arguments.

Graham gave the best answer to some European politicians who keep repeating the "YPG and PKK have no ties" lie by giving the following statement, "I am pretty sure there is a connection between the PKK and YPG. I said this in 2016. I don't believe their lies. Check the web pages. I don't want people, who are fighting against ISIS [Daesh] with the U.S. to be thrown out, but what I see since 2016 is this; our strategy in Syria is harmful to Turkey. For the Turkish government and people, the PKK is a terrorist organization. For the American government, the PKK is a terrorist organization. I was in Turkey around the 1980s, and I know very well what the PKK is. For Turkey, the YPG is an extension of the PKK."

In these times when Turkey is fighting a war against terrorism, the truths mentioned by Graham are very meaningful.

Those who support the YPG and PKK terrorist organizations in European Parliament and within the national parliaments of some EU member nations must listen to these statements carefully.

Don't European politicians that invite representatives of bloody terrorist organizations like the YPG and the PKK and political parties that support their actions to meetings ever feel guilty?

Those terrorist organizations they are supporting are enemies of humanity and have murdered thousands of civilians in Syria and Iraq, and in the past, Turkey.

When will those who welcome the bloody hands of YPG and PKK representatives to parliaments that claim they are the bastions of democracy realize that they are trampling on EU values by shaking those hands?

How many more people must state the truth as Lindsey Graham did before the world will listen?

Europe must wake up now. Terrorists cannot be friends. Terrorists cannot be allies. Those who try to fight terrorism with terrorists will become victims of terror in the end.

We thank Graham. He told the truth. Even if some do not want to see or hear it, he clearly spoke the truth: The YPG equals the PKK.

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