The PKK murdered a young Turkish man in Poland

Published 14.03.2019 01:18
Updated 14.03.2019 02:10

When will European statesman, politicians, media members, churches and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), see the murders committed by the PKK terrorist organization in Europe? The PKK and its sympathizers and members are still attacking Turks living in Europe.

The neighborhoods, mosques, or social and cultural associations where Turkish citizens are found in EU member states are prime targets of PKK attacks.

PKK members think that EU member states are protecting them and with this "nobody can touch them" belief, they are spreading terror.

Although they are not openly supported and protected, they are not repatriated to Turkey either by EU member states, thus they are not afraid to attack Turks.

Many PKK members who are committing serious crimes and murdering a lot of people have not been returned despite Turkey's justified requests.

These criminals' ability to walk freely in EU countries, despite the fact that they should suffer the consequences of the dire crimes they have committed as they have been convicted by the laws of Turkey, is a major problem for the internal security of these countries.

Four days ago their murder of a young Turkish man in Poland shows how right we are.

Furkan Kocaman lost his life in an armed attack in Poland. Two weeks ago Selçuk University student Kocaman went to Poland as a part of Erasmus exchange program to study. Unfortunately last Saturday in the Wroclaw city center, Kocaman, who was eating with his friends at a shopping mall, was murdered by a PKK militant who was watching him for some time and murdered him with a knife.

In short, another planned and organized PKK murder has been committed.

The murderer, who was captured as he was trying to escape, was identified as Muhammet Emektar a member of the PKK's supposed human rights association, the Human Rights Association (İHD), who it was claimed had been killed by the government.

So a criminal who fled to Europe after committing crimes in Turkey and was used as a propaganda subject by the PKK, shown as having been "murdered in Turkey," committed yet another murder, this time in Poland.

This sad event is a depiction of reality.

PKK member terrorists are threatening the life and property security of citizens of Turkish descent living in EU member states.

Despite this, the European Parliament confirmed the last Turkey report of the 2014-2019 legislative period; this report was especially applauded by the terror organization PKK.

While the European Parliament's general council session regarding the Turkey report was held on Tuesday in Strasbourg, Turkey rapporteur Kati Piri who spoke at the session stated that in relations with Turkey all the red lines have been breached and the negotiation period has to be suspended.

We are no longer surprised to see that those who do not have "red lines" with the PKK to have problems with Turkey which is fighting a total war against terror and primarily providing security for the EU.

I no longer ask whether Kati Piri has heard about the Turkish youth murdered by the PKK terror organization in Poland or not. I don't ask whether she cares or not either. I don't want to ask whether she feels remorse or not at all. Because all of these questions are meaningless now.

While the European Parliament Report and the reports "unrealistic" content regarding Turkey was being confirmed, in Turkey Furkan's mother and father were shedding tears.

Furkan Kocaman was a 21-year-old student, he was full of life. He came to Europe with trust. Poland became his grave.

In the meantime, in the European Parliament report, they were confirming that "visa liberalization can only be possible if all of the laws including the laws against terror are to be on the same standard with Europe." In short, they are asking for the easing of precautions against terrorists who had murdered Furkan.

Shame on you. In Strasbourg where PKK members can walk freely, can build tents and make "terrorist propaganda" and even attack a Turkish youth passing through such tents with a knife, and can attack the European Council, they accepted a Turkey report which made the PKK terrorists happy. This report is not worth single cent for Turkey; this report does not even exist.

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