Europe must hear the call of mothers in Diyarbakır

Published 17.09.2019 00:46

Mothers in Diyarbakır are continuing their resistance. We have mentioned the struggle the mothers are undertaking for their children in this column before. The mothers' protest of waiting for their sons and daughters in front of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) headquarters in southeastern Diyarbakır is in its 15th day. The number of families and mothers taking part in the protest has increased to 34 families. They all want their children back, and the numbers are increasing every passing day. The mothers are determined to continue until they get their children back or at the very least get some information regarding their wellbeing. Being a mother is like that. They are determined and ready to face anything for their children.

With every passing day, it is also becoming clearer how the HDP is being utilized by the PKK terrorist organization.

To this day, the HDP was able to skillfully fool the European public. It promoted itself as a political party that has no ties to the PKK. Unfortunately, the European public believed these lies. However, in reality, the HDP party organization worked as "conscription centers" for the PKK terrorist organization.

These 34 families protesting in Diyarbakır show this reality. All of them had children kidnapped after they went to the HDP party's buildings, and they haven't been heard from ever since.

There are mothers who haven't heard anything about their sons for 20-plus years. Most of them have had their children in the hands of the PKK terrorist organization for less than a year. The PKK terrorist organization is kidnapping and brainwashing the children of Kurdish families through the HDP. Most of the mothers were unable to raise their voices in fear of the PKK. Those who raised their voices were either killed off or silenced through threats.

This situation changed when Hatice Akar decided to stage a protest on the front stairs of the HDP party's building in Diyarbakır on Aug. 22 in hopes of getting her son back. Despite facing a backlash from HDP members and threats by the PKK terrorist organization, Akar continued her protest heroically. Her son had joined the PKK terrorist organization after going to the HDP buildin

g. Akar's struggle succeeded. The HDP and PKK terrorist organization gave Akar her son Mehmet Akar back to quell the situation before it made headlines. They gave her son back because they were afraid that her struggle would reveal the HDP's real face.

However, their plan backfired as Akar became an example for other mothers with her successful struggle. Akar showed that they should not be afraid of the PKK, and they are not alone. All citizens that are against terror in Turkey, civil society organizations, artists, political parties and other parts of society support the mothers' struggle.

It also proved that the HDP is a political party controlled by the PKK and its members are unable to raise their voice against it. Mothers protesting in front of the HDP Diyarbakır building have come from all corners of Turkey. The 34 mothers hail from Mardin, Gaziantep, Mersin, Ağrı, Istanbul, Siirt, Ordu, Erzurum, Bitlis, Elazığ and Diyarbakır. They are waiting desperately for their children. I believe their numbers will increase tomorrow. In fact, nobody should be surprised if mothers from Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Vienna, Salzburg, Antwerp, Brussels, Paris, Lyons, Basel, Rotterdam, London and many more European cities also join the protest in Diyarbakır. For many years, the PKK terrorist organization has kidnapped the children of Kurdish families living in Europe. More often than not, the families never heard from their children again. Now, there is hope for them too. Now the fear of the PKK terrorist organization has diminished. Those who are trying to harass, attack or sabotage these mothers' democratic resistance are finding the state of law in front of them.

Investigations are being conducted on HDP members who do such things. It is no longer that easy to threaten and scare the mothers as it once was.

All of Turkey is united with these mothers. Now, these mothers wait for support from Europe. It is very important for politicians, women's organizations and human rights organizations from Europe to come to Diyarbakır and support these mothers because the PKK and HDP still believe that they are fooling the European public. The best support for these mothers is for the European public to show that they are aware of the realities. If that happens, it will be so much easier for grieving mothers to save their children.

The newly elected European Parliament, the soon to be approved EU Commission, politicians, journalists and especially churches in European capitals must see the righteous struggle of these mothers, and they must hear their call for help. Europe must not leave the mothers struggling for their children in Diyarbakır alone, and it must prove to the entire world that it is in support with these mothers against the PKK terrorist organization.

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