Ankara blast: Terrorists with ties and the freedom to kill

Published 15.03.2016 01:27

Turkish illegal terrorist organizations, including the PKK, which label themselves as defenders of liberty and freedom, made a declaration of alliance and common actions just days ago. They took an oath to struggle until they achieve their victory.

And hours after the publication of the images of this "great alliance," an attack killed dozens of people in the capital Ankara.

It is similar to the car bombing in Ankara weeks ago, the perpetrator of which was honored by a pro-PKK Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) deputy during a visit to the funeral house.

The HDP, which the European Parliament and other Western institutions praise as the defenders of the Kurdish people, ignores the fact that the party just considers PKK supporters and Kurds as one and the same.

One should admit at this point that no matter one's ties or a terrorist's uniform, a terrorist cannot hide until the end.

Of course, the terrorist factions behind the bloody attacks in Ankara and other cities are the tools of more sophisticated structures that use themselves as instruments to implement their local and regional social engineering projects.

Not only Turkish authorities, but also Turkish people are at the edge of their limit of patience.

A very complicated design is tried to be put on scene in Turkey's region.

This is not conspiracy or journalistic paranoia.

It is what is seen.

And Turkey's patience as well as its leadership is being targeted by internal and external "friendly-looking" factions.

For months President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been depicted as the leader of a third-world autocracy, ignoring that he is the first president elected directly, and with 52 percent of the vote.

Ignoring the person-to-person ties with Turkey's people that he establishes, he is described as an oppressive politician. If the cameras of the Western world would follow just one day of Erdoğan's life and record the warm relationship between himself and his people, they would be ashamed of describing him this way.

Of course, friendly-looking internal and external factions that try to put the cause of every negative incident in front of Erdoğan also fuel the attacks against him.

Explosions in Turkish cities, attempts to prevent Turkey from taking measures against terrorism with slogans for freedom of expression and an attempt to ask for the freedom to kill. These are steps to try to weaken Erdoğan and force the country into local and regional social engineering operations.

It is the same source for each of the abovementioned efforts. Hopefully such attempts just unify the Turkish people. And Turkey has the power to defend itself against all sorts of attacks.

Additionally, while writing the last sentence of this article, a newsflash appeared on my IPad.

There is still no official announcement, as the investigation is being conducted carefully.

However, reports from opposition newspapers say that Seher Cağla Demir, who was a former freelance reporter published in the Cumhuriyet daily, is presumed responsible for the terrorist attack.

Will it be confirmed?

But we would not be surprised if so. That is the real threat.

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