CAR report: Daesh terror and the West against Turkey


It is very funny to claim that Turkey and Daesh worked together, as the CAR report claims, while considering the fact that Daesh has been responsible for organizing several terrorist attacks in Turkish cities, killing hundreds of Turkish people

Since the July 15 coup attempt, the biggest ever terror attack against Turkey, we have discussed terrorism almost every day. However, a very important point is being ignored, which perhaps constitutes the main motive of the actors behind the recent terror attacks. Following the terror attack conducted by the PKK terror group in Beşiktaş, Istanbul, which claimed the lives of 44 people, another terrorist move resulted in the loss of 14 soldiers in Kayseri. While Turkey was looking for the answer to the chain of attacks against its unity and territorial integrity, a new meal was being cooked up by some Western institutions. Another attempt to harm Turkey's prestige and weaken its regional power came from one of these institutions.

Last week, Reuters reported on a "study" prepared by a London-based institution, Conflict Armament Research (CAR), which concerned the production of weapons in large quantities by the Daesh terrorist organization in Mosul, Iraq. The report claimed the existence of a network that supplied chemicals via Turkey for the production of Daesh weapons. The report was written by CAR, which is financed by the European Union and Germany. The "experts" that visited Iraq to prepare the report were accompanied by Iraqi soldiers, peshmergas and also PKK terrorists.

Before getting into the disinformation in the report, we can easily see the motivation of the report - to add another chain to the fabrication of new "evidence" to the so-called relationship between Ankara and Daesh. Claims concerning the so-called oil trade between Turkey and Daesh have been discredited, and the CIA has apologized to Turkey.

And now, it is the turn of the Hürriyet daily to play the role of Cumhuriyet's Can Dündar, who tried to lay the ground for the preparation of the coup attempt. Hürriyet made reference to that report to prove the so-called relationship between Turkey and Daesh. According to sources who evaluated the report, the chemicals, which were reportedly obtained in the domestic Turkish market, could be bought to produce goods in the agricultural, nutrition and machinery sectors.

The CAR report also did not reference the decision by the government to limit the trade of certain products, including potassium nitrate, in June. Of course, the Hürriyet daily, which questioned the sale of potassium nitrate, did not see the necessity of referring to this step.

Here is what the Hürriyet daily editor of the false report did to prove the report's "credibility": He claims in the article that he asked some government sources about the allegation and he says they told him to ask National Intelligence Service (MİT) officials about the report. Of course, he didn't call the MİT (confirmed by MİT officials) because the answer would reveal his lies. What a journalist!

I guess it must be very nice to be a journalist at this newspaper; you can write any smear against those you don't like. And what is more, your articles would not have to be based on facts.

Let's bring reality to the table. It is very funny to claim Turkey and Daesh have worked together as the report claims while considering the fact that Daesh is responsible for organizing several terrorist attacks in Turkish cities and killing hundreds of people. More, Daesh still threatens Turkey with more terrorist attacks.

Yes, the editor of the Hürriyet daily lied, manipulated and wrote with some hidden agenda to portray Turkey as a country working with Daesh.

The possibility of the legal trade of such products with Syria and Iraq was also not taken into account during the preparation of that report.

So, another perception operation was initiated by a Western research institution and spread by different media outlets (of course Hürriyet daily was on the stage again). We are used to this type of dangerous game played by certain circles. Thank God, the abovementioned operation is a badly prepared plot...

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