Indispensability of the AK Party

Published 25.06.2015 23:13
Updated 26.06.2015 06:18

Political parties will understand what a coalition scenario without the AK Party means prior to negotiations. It has been a long time since the AK Party's reality turned into ‘the indispensability of the AK Party'

The scene following the June 7 parliamentary elections did not allow the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) to form a single government even with a slightly insufficient chair number. The reflections of the present situation on political parties, media, markets and constituents created a rather interesting view. All the abovementioned actors actually disregarded the results of the elections. Today, opposition political parties are taking a stance similar to their political rationality prior to the elections through which they created their discourse. The other actors also show similar tendencies. Rather interestingly, the actors, which have turned the anti-AK Party rhetoric into an obsession, also feel the necessity to consider the AK Party as a ruling party in all senses. Although this situation interestingly consolidates the June 7 elections in favor of the AK Party, it does not eradicate the election results. With the best possibility, it is not difficult to predict that the current status quo will continue until the end of coalition talks. The real problem will occur when they cannot leave the same surreal world during the talks. Most probably, markets will be the first component that will face the grim reality. However, they cannot be sure that other actors will wake up in the same world.

There is also nothing to do for us but to wait. Political parties will understand what a coalition scenario without the AK Party means prior to negotiations. It has been a long time since the AK Party's reality turned into "the indispensability of the AK Party." In fact, the opposition, which extends its political-geography focused, ethnic and sectarian crises to each election, has not yet realized how the indispensability of the AK Party has deepened.

We will clearly see the roughest reflection of the situation both during coalition talks and following their results. It will be shown that the AK Party backbone is able to form a government with the support of the parties in the parliament and one of the parties almost without any serious political, sociological and economic problems and without one or two of the three parties in the opposition group. In fact if neither of these three parties approach one another for a coalition, there will not be much of an issue accepting that a possible early election will be the guarantee of the AK Party's transition period.

Turkey's mediocre socio-economic and political life has been strengthened by the AK Party. The election results, which can be read as the strengthening of a centrifugal force, also caused an insignificant political concentration of opposition parties. However, as this situation, ironically, strengthened the sectarian structure, it led to the vulnerability of withdrawing from the mediocre and the strengthening of the AK Party (and its indispensability).

In other words, the votes that realigned from the center did not strengthen the walk of the "other right and left" to the center; on the contrary, they intensified the extreme political pool that they belong to. Hence, they called this intensification "strengthening" while Turkey felt it as "discomfort" and this intensification did not reflect in the elections as results that impose serious political transformations but instead as results that only changes the arithmetic of Parliament.

It does not seem possible for people who evaluate the AK Party through individualizing and current developments instead of its historical roots and the sociological wave that it was built on to understand the "indispensability of AK Party" that we have been talking about. Coalition negotiations might pave the way to an overdue meeting with the AK Party, which opposition parties have been delaying for 13 years.

As the pressure for coalition increases, it will be obvious that other parties, media, markets and the voters cannot escape from the obligations and responsibilities of the June 7 elections by treating AK Party as the government. As a matter of fact, as this process continues, it will come to light that forming a coalition with the AK Party will provide huge comfort. In every aspect, the "indispensability of the AK Party," which was strengthened on June 7, is the only solid political contribution for Turkey in the new period.

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