Domestically developed laser guidance kit test shots successful

Published 04.07.2018 23:24
Updated 04.07.2018 23:28

Recent test shots of the Teber Laser Guidance Kit developed in national facilities were successful. The system's delivery to the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) begins this month.

Developed by one of the leading Turkish defense contractors, ROKETSAN, and attached to MK-81 (250lb) and MK-82 (500lb) general-purpose bombs, the Teber Guidance Kit converts bombs into precision smart weapons.

Test shots were conducted in Karapınar, Konya, on June 21-22 with Mk-82 bombs fitted with the Teber Guidance Kit, consisting of a laser seeker, guiding kit - inertial navigation unit, global positioning system, missile computer - and a tail kit system.

In the tests, while the jet was climbing 30 degrees, moving target and live warhead shots were successful, resulting in effective hits.

The delivery of the Teber Guidance Kit, which has successfully completed its integration into F-16 jets and certification activities, begins this month. Afterwards, ammunition with the Teber Guidance Kit can be used in operations by attaching to the F-16 platform.

Thus, ammunition manufactured in domestic and national facilities will replace ammunition previously supplied from abroad.

The Teber can be integrated into the bomb very quickly by the user in the field.

Body Strakes mounted on the bombshell supply additional lift and stability and increase weapon maneuver capability.

The Teber's modular design offers affordable and innovative options. An add-on Laser Seeker located on the front section allows precise hit capability for moving targets. The Laser Seeker may be equipped with or without an approximate censor.

The Teber tail section can identify bombs it is integrated onto, providing a logistics advantage for the user.

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