Turkey's domestic anti-UAV system successfully test shots with newly integrated launcher

Published 14.09.2019 22:49
Updated 14.09.2019 22:57
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Domestically developed anti-drone system Air Defense System Preventing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (IHTAR) produced by Turkey's defense giant ASELSAN has successfully completed its tests after the system was integrated with 40-millimeter grenade launcher, head of the defense industries said Saturday.

Ismail Demir, head of the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) said in a statement shared on his Twitter account that mini unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) targets were successfully shot and destroyed during the test shots.

The test shots were carried out in the Karapınar district of central Turkey's Konya province, under the coordination of SSB.

The UAV detection/destruction and reporting system which detects, tracks and classifies a threat via radar and electro-optical systems, was developed to protect public and commercial areas against mini and micro UAVs' illegal activities and has recently been integrated with 40 mm grenade launcher.

The basic functions of the IHTAR system include the identification of the UAVs, automatic follow-up of the UAVs and labeling them as threats and preventing their illegal activities through the most appropriate countermeasures. The system commands and controls radar, cameras and preventive measures in an integrated and coordinated way, while using the most appropriate and efficient security measures.

IHTAR consists of command and control systems that include electronic jamming and deception systems to identify and follow threats and prevent them via radar and cameras. It is available for fixed or mobile use to protect power plants, airports, civil facilities, border posts, and military headquarters.

Weaponry system integrated into IHTAR is automatically directed to the target with the target information coming from the system through the fire control sub-units and destroy the target with the use of smart ammunition.

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