Turkey’s newest armed drone Akıncı debuts ahead of TEKNOFEST

Published 17.09.2019 11:22
Updated 17.09.2019 14:25
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Turkey's newest armed drone Akıncı was showcased for the first time ahead of the TEKNOFEST Istanbul Aerospace and Technology Festival which began Tuesday.

Akıncı, the latest armed drone produced by leading unmanned aerial platform developer Baykar Makina, drew attention amid the excitement leading up to this year's TEKNOFEST, which runs through Sunday at the now-closed Atatürk Airport.

Dubbed "the flying fish," the Akıncı drone is an important step for Baykar to accomplish their aim to upgrade unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology.

Operated with two turbine engines, the Akıncı can carry nearly 1.5 tons in useful load: 900 kilograms external and 450 kilograms internal. Flying at an operational altitude at 40,000 feet, the Akıncı can stay in the air for 24 hours. The platform can be controlled via domestically developed satellites.

The Akıncı will also be equipped with an electronic support pod, air-to-air radars, satellite communication system, barrier-identification radar, synthetic aperture radar and meteorological radar – all designed and developed in Turkey. The platform will operate with various ammunition configurations.

Baykar officials have said that the drone may be equipped with air-to-air missile systems domestically developed in Turkey and may be deployed in air-to-air missions.

The drone is expected to carry out its first test flight within this year and is expected to officially start serving Turkish security forces in 2020.

Organized by the Turkish Technology Team Foundation (T3), The TEKNOFEST Istanbul Aerospace and Technology Festival aims to showcase Turkey's rapid advance in technology and to promote technology advances as a national cause.

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