Turkish diplomat invited to German foreign ministry to discuss reaction to 1915 events

Published 07.06.2016 17:47
Updated 07.06.2016 17:48

A senior Turkish diplomat was invited to the German foreign ministry to discuss Ankara's reaction to German parliament's resolution on 1915 events, a German foreign ministry official said on Tuesday.

"In the discussion the traditionally close and trusting relations between Germany and Turkey were emphasized and it was made clear that the latest comments on German lawmakers are not in line with that and were met with incomprehension," the official said on Tuesday in an emailed statement.

President Tayyip Erdoğan has said the blood of German lawmakers of Turkish origin who voted for the resolution should be tested.

Last Thursday, the lower house of the German parliament approved a non-binding resolution recognizing Armenian claims of "genocide" during the 1915 events.

The resolution accused the Ottoman government of 1915 of allegedly carrying out "systematic genocide" against Armenians, as well as other Christian minorities.

Turkey denies the alleged Armenian "genocide," but acknowledges that there were casualties on both sides during the events which took place in World War I.

According to Turkey's viewpoint, the death of Armenians in eastern Anatolia in 1915 occurred after some sided with invading Russians and revolted against Ottoman forces. A subsequent relocation of Armenians resulted in numerous casualties.

Turkey describes the 1915 events as a tragedy for both sides.

Ankara has repeatedly proposed the creation of a joint commission of historians from Turkey and Armenia along with international experts to tackle the issue.

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