Turkish foreign ministry summons Dutch charge d'affairs over 1915 decision

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Turkey's Foreign Ministry summoned Dutch charge d'affaires Saturday over the parliament's decision to recognize the 1915 events as "genocide."

In a written statement, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hami Aksoy said that it is unacceptable for Turkey for the Netherlands to recognize Armenian claims politicizing the 1915 events, which is a sensitive issue for the Turkish state and nation.

Aksoy noted that legal precedents in European law have ruled that 1915 events are a legitimate issue of discussion.

"In this context, we invite Dutch politicians to review their biased attitude against Turkey and not to politicize history," the statement said, adding that the Netherlands could back Turkey's proposal of an independent joint history commission open for academics expert on Ottoman history if it wants to contribute to the solution of this historic issue.

The statement noted that Turkey's views and expectations on this issue that would serve as an indicator whether the Netherlands has the will to normalize its relations with Turkey has been conveyed to the Dutch charge d'affaires to Ankara.

On Thursday, the lower house of Dutch parliament adopted two motions regarding the matter. The first motion "recognizes the Armenian genocide" while the other requires a Dutch minister or state secretary to attend the commemoration of events held in April.

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