MHP says election alliance with Ak Party has 70 pct public approval

Published 04.03.2018 22:17

The approval rating for the People's Alliance jointly formed by the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) for the upcoming 2019 presidential and parliamentary elections stands at nearly 70 percent, according to MHP Deputy Chairman Celal Adnan.

Delivering a speech in Istanbul over the weekend, MHP Deputy Chairman Adan said, "The will that the president and our chairman put forward when Turkey needed unity, stability and cooperation turned into great support at around 65 to 70 percent."

"Why are you bothered by this support?" Adan asked, addressing those who oppose the alliance.

Stressing that the position that the MHP has taken in recent times is significant for the country, he said that the People's Alliance was born out of the will to represent the Turkish people in an honorable way.

The AK Party and the MHP recently brought their efforts to form an alliance to a legal basis after a 26-article bill was submitted to Parliament.

The two parties are expected to join hands in the 2019 general and presidential elections. However, it remains unknown how many or whether other parties will be in the alliance as well.

Meanwhile, the Parliamentary Constitutional Committee will convene today to discuss the alliance bill. The committee was expected to convene earlier but decided to delay the meeting reportedly after the opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) requested more time to work on its suggestions for the bill. The committee reportedly approved the CHP's delay request, and AK Party officials said that the suggestions would be evaluated given they are sensible. As alliance talks dominate the agenda in Ankara, the prospect of calling snap elections is also a controversial topic. AK Party Deputy Chairman Naci Bostancı responded to rumors that the AK Party and the MHP are preparing to call for early elections later this year.

Underlining that the elections will be held on time, Bostancı said that the AK Party has always done so.

"There are no snap elections; the elections will be on time. The AK Party has always held elections on time and they will be held on time no matter anyone says," the AK Party deputy chair said.

According to the Constitution, to implement changes to the election law, one year needs to pass after they are first ratified. In case of a snap election before completing that year, a constitutional change is required to enable implementation of the alliance's regulations in the elections.

As a constitutional change is required to implement the new regulations for elections without waiting for a year, officials see a snap election as unlikely.

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