Russia will use Turkish model for SMEs

Published 14.06.2015 22:14

Russia seeks to establish an organization similar to Turkey's Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization (KOSGEB) to support its small- and medium-enterprises (SMEs) and benefit from Turkey's experiences to encourage entrepreneurship. As part of the project, committees met in Moscow under the chairmanship of KOSGEB President Recep Biçer and deputy minister of economic development of the Russian Federation, Alexey Likhachev. Under the presidency of Biçer, the committee shared Turkey's and KOSGEB's experiences and knowledge to help Russia develop its SMEs.

Biçer said KOSGEB has 45 years of experience and is ready to provide services for more than 3 million Russian SMEs. He added that they provide support in various fields for nearly 800,000 enterprises, and stressed they are happy to share their experiences with Russia. Biçer also said economic development between Turkey and Russia would be accelerated thanks to the cooperation of the two country's SMEs. Likhachev emphasized that they wanted to learn from Turkey's experiences in order to develop their own SMEs, and KOSGEB's experiences were very important in this respect.

Natalia Larionova, the director of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development's SME Development Department, said Russia adopted free trade rules only recently, and only 20 percent of Russian enterprises are comprised of SMEs. However, they aim to double this figure by 2030. Highlighting that KOSGEB's experiences are very important to the ministry, Larinova said they are working to establish an analogous federal institution. Larinova also stressed they would learn about database management from KOSGEB as well as how to decide on which enterprises to support.

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