Corporate website of Ugur Companies Group updated

Corporate website of Ugur Companies Group updated

Ugur Companies Group welcomes its visitors with its updated corporate website:

Now, it is easier than ever to reach the brands of the group on its webpage which proves easy access to its users with its minimal design. The new website enables its user to switch between menus and access pages faster with its user friendly interface.

Users are now able to get detailed information about the company and group company brands thanks to the compatible structure of the website. Visitors can be notified of the latest developments about the brands including Ugur Cooling and Mondial, Kymco, Kuteks, Fortune as well as Uğur Integrated Food brands.

Reiterating how much it values the human capital it has in its company mission, the Ugur Companies Group provides an access possibility to HR policies and career opportunities on its main page with ease. Therefore, it reinforces the importance it attaches to young professionals, new ideas and workforce with its easy accessibility.

New categories and high quality images are highlighted on the corporate webpage of Ugur Companies Group, updated by professional designers and website managers.

Ugur Group Companies laid its foundations by its flagship, Ugur Cooling's commencement of the ice cream machines production in Nazilli in 1954. Having increased its activities in many areas in the past few years from textile to motorcycles, construction and food sector, Ugur Group Companies serves 142 countries with the 6 affiliates within the group and 2.000 employees.

The Company has the %65 of Turkey market in its own field, with its total 310.000 meter square closed area and 2.500 employee. Building its Deep Freezer factory in Iran with the investmet amount of 50 milllion dolar that will be operating in June 2013.

The website has been presented both visually and structurally to its users with its new design emphasizing the dynamism and innovative face of the brand family of the group.

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