Italexit would be more likely than Brexit

Published 24.06.2016 00:00

While all of Europe is watching the referendum in the U.K., and for possible consequences on the European economy, the Italian exit from the European Union (EU) known as ‘Italexit' has been discussed in Italy, with the debate in recent years focusing more on leaving the eurozone. A poll of artisans in Milan says that if there were a referendum held to determine whether Italy should stay in the EU or not, 52.3 percent of the artisans would be in favor of leaving the EU, against 45.1 percent desiring to leave, while for Brexit, they think 53.9 percent of the Britons would vote to remain in the EU. The opinion of the artisans in the northern part of Italy, where the economy is stronger, is considered to reflect traditional Italian opinion on the matter.

The General Secretary of the Union of Artisans, Marco Accornero, told a press conference that the European Union has become a problematic issue to be discussed, rather than an opportunity to take advantage of. While many EU Member countries have lost faith in the communitarian soul of the European Union, the primary reason for Italexit given by the majority of the Milanese artisans defending an Italexit was the bureaucracy and the rules imposed by Brussels, considered cumbersome for Italy. About 48.5 percent of the participants think that leaving the EU would not substantially affect their business, and 45.5 percent of participants say the economy would not benefit a lot from an Italexit.

Accornero indicated that the positives to being a member state of the EU should be more carefully examined, such as the free movement of goods.

News by says Italy is considered as one of the countries likely to leave the EU, as anti-European sentiments are high. This is one reason why many in Italy might discuss a possible exit. Those who defend the thesis that the British referendum might induce other countries to leave the EU, including Bebbe Grillo, an Italian comedian and political activist, see the referendum in the U.K. as demonstrating the failure of the EU.

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