AliExpress, apparel exporters ink deal to engage Turkish SMEs with e-commerce

Published 28.11.2019 15:57
Updated 20.12.2019 02:00
The deal signed between Istanbul Apparel Exporters Association ?HK?B and AliExpress will enable small and medium-sized enterprises to open into international markets via e-commerce.
The deal signed between Istanbul Apparel Exporters Association (?HK?B) and AliExpress will enable small and medium-sized enterprises to open into international markets via e-commerce.

The Istanbul Apparel Exporters Association (İHKİB), AliExpress and İhracatname, the official business partner of AliExpress in Turkey, have signed an agreement that will enable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to reach overseas customers directly.

SMEs seeking to expand from Turkey to abroad and compete at a global level will be able to export their products to the entire world by taking advantage of AliExpress' ecosystem and infrastructure with the support of İHKİB and AliExpress, the global online retail marketplace under Alibaba Group.

Thanks to this cooperation, which allows 15,000 İHKİB members to reach millions of potential customers around the world in the first phase, AliExpress will provide exporters with infrastructure support including collection, logistics, marketing and translation in 18 languages and will enable Turkish exporters and SMEs to introduce their brands to the world through its global ecosystem.

AliExpress’ business partner İhracatname will guide vendors looking to open stores on AliExpress, free of charge, through the entire process from registration to stocking their shelves.

Exporters and SMEs opening stores at AliExpress will not pay platform participation fees or periodic fees and will be eligible to take commission rates ranging from 5% to 8% depending on the product category in AliExpress sales.


Speaking at the meeting on the announcement of the cooperation, İHKİB President Mustafa Gültepe stressed that the e-export market in the world is growing rapidly and said that global e-exports are expected to reach $994 billion in 2020 from $401 billion in 2016.

Indicating that AliExpress' consumer profile, particularly in Russia, the Middle East, and Europe, provides important advantages to companies in e-exports, Gültepe noted, “Through this agreement, we open the doors of the world through AliExpress to 15,000 İHKİB members, small and large. Even our micro-entrepreneurs, regardless of the size of their companies, will be able to retail directly to the most distant parts of the world. I believe that these advantages will encourage many entrepreneurs to become exporters.”

AliExpress Global Consumer and Market Operations Director Cheer Zhang stated that AliExpress is an important and integral part of Alibaba Group's globalization strategy, underlining that under the agreement with İHKİB, they aim to make it easier for Turkish exporters and SMEs to compete in the global market.

Highlighting that they are ready to give all the necessary support to exporters in this process, especially infrastructure and logistics, Zhang continued, “Russia, Europe, and the Middle East are among the main overseas markets that we aim to open up SMEs through AliExpress in Turkey. We also see significant potential in North and South American countries such as the U.S., Brazil and Chile.”

Hidayet Öztürk, general manager of İhracatname, said that they support producers and SMEs who seek to expand to the world through e-export via AliExpress, free of charge, in the entire process from application and registration to the opening of their stores and loading their products.

Pointing out that companies can register their products in a very short period of time through the website of İhracatname and quickly move them to the global showcase and reach millions of customers instantly, Öztürk said, “As a result of this partnership between İHKİB, AliExpress, and İhracatname, our primary goal is to open the doors of e-export through AliExpress to all our SMEs, especially İHKİB members, and to support them on their e-export journey.”

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