A wake up call for the Muslim world

Published 19.05.2018 00:00
Updated 05.06.2018 12:07

It was only five days ago that 62 innocent people were viciously murdered in Gaza. On Friday, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) met in Istanbul for an emergency session. However, we, as a newspaper, doubt that the 1.6-billion strong Muslim World will be able to put forward an effective proposal to address the crime. We fear the leaders of Islamic countries will again use this occasion to express their grief and leave it at that before returning to their palatial homes, so much lighter and relieved at having done something.

Today, many Muslim countries are suffering under a self-perpetuating disorder with their ruling class beholden to the Western puppet masters that feed them. Their people, meanwhile, find no avenue to express their wants and desires. Many Muslim governments prefer to lean on the West to cement their rule rather than address their people's grievances.

Ignoring the will and sentiments of their own people, these Muslims leaders, princes and kings among men, look so magnificent living in glorious palaces behind the tall walls. However meaningless their lives are, however hollow their hearts are, they succeed in achieving their only priority: Perpetuating their rule.

No wonder Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seems so confident. The U.S. and the Jewish lobby capitalize on the timid and spiritual feebleness of such Muslim countries.

We can no longer act surprised when we hear some Muslims leaders accede to their Western benefactors' will and say that Palestine and Jerusalem are not issues of interest.

U.S. President Donald Trump's effort to extort some Muslim countries is just the most blatant attempt by Western governments to squeeze the last speck of self-respect out of their national will. Being forced to buy weapons with cameras rolling may be enough to placate them for a while. In the long run, however, humiliation has no limit. You need to obey your master no matter what.

Muslims leaders who think it is wise to accede to everything the West says act on the belief that as long as they give the hungry monster what it wants, it will let them be. No matter what happens this story will eventually end with the West devouring the lackey. When they have nothing to give, the West will move onto the next eager servant that will do its bidding.

We, at Daily Sabah, do not wish to employ clichés such as the "brotherhood of Islam" and such, because we know for many, such religious sentiments hold no value. Just try to be wise and compassionate and focus on the interests of your people. Don't sacrifice your country's future to your narrow, mainly dynastic, interests.Remember, no one is safe. As the dominoes fall one by one, no country or leader should feel secure. The chaos that is spreading in the region will eventually consume the entire Islamic world. These days, no matter where one goes, the Islamic geography is synonymous with chaos and violence.

What we need is to focus on our future. Muslim leaders need to understand why the West wants to use them. You, the Muslim leaders, should never forget the fact that the U.S. and Israel will never care about the interests of your people. You should take care of your people's interests.

However, you cannot because you have almost no influence in any international organization or platform that truly matters. You have no lobbying power or influence anywhere in the world.

You only have the OIC. You should at least try to use it effectively. The OIC was founded by the countries of the Islamic world after Jerusalem was occupied by Israel after the 1967 war. It is a city that binds us together. We, as Muslims, may not be united economically and politically, but when it comes to Jerusalem, we always stand united. The fate of Jerusalem is interlocked with the future of Islam.

In this day and age, we have no option but to institutionalize. Countries, individually, have almost no influence. Turkey believes in the OIC and the need to institutionalize it. We need to transform it into an institution that produces concrete solutions to the problems of our age and should ensure it does not fall victim to sectarian conflicts.

Turkey is the term president of the OIC. Don't boycott the proceedings just because the meetings take place in Istanbul. Rather than getting annoyed at the way Turkey handles regional issues, Muslim leaders need to join in and cooperate. Instead of succumbing to jealousy, try to understand why your people love Turkey and what it represents. If you try to understand it, you will realize that its source is nothing more than Turkey accepting its historical responsibilities. If you do the same, your people and many more will admire you, too. Turkey is not a country that is after domination. It wants partners.

Those who fail to heed this call for cooperation will soon have reasons to regret their carelessness. The failure to satiate the needs and passions of the people will eventually result in the people themselves taking action.

Only time will tell who will lead them.

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