Turkish development agency TIKA provides education support to orphans in Pakistan

KARACHI, Pakistan
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A Turkish development agency has contributed to the education of 650 orphans in Pakistan's largest city Karachi with a year's supply of stationery products.

The Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA) released a statement Friday saying the aid was provided in collaboration with the Al-Mustafa Social Aid Organization during a ceremony held on a Turkish frigate, which had arrived in the region to take part in the AMAN-17 naval drill.

The ceremony was attended by the orphans, the crew of the Turkish frigate TCG Gelibolu, its commander Ali Tuna Baysal, TIKA Islamabad Coordinator Mehmet Emre Aktuna, Coordinator Assistant Ibrahim Katırcı and directors of the Al-Mustafa Social Aid Organization.

Aktuna said during the ceremony that TIKA supports orphans by carrying out a variety of activities and regularly handing out stationery products.

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