Turkey's universities host 7.5 million students

Published 28.04.2018 00:00
Updated 28.04.2018 21:20
Turkey's universities host 7.5 million students

Turkey's higher education institutions host 7.56 million Turkish and international students during the 2017-2018 academic year, the country's Council of Higher Education (YOK) announced on Friday.

Some 4.24 million students attend undergraduate programs, while 2.77 million people studied in associate degree programs and 454,673 people were attempting to obtain a master's degree, and 95,100 people are working towards a doctorate.

Last year, the number of students in higher education was 7.2 million.

Over 70 percent of 117,812 international students study at the undergraduate level.

Turkey's higher education institutions comprises of 158,098 academics, of whom 24,640 are professors and 14,456 associate professors.

Moreover, 3,121 foreign academics, including 209 professors, also give lectures in Turkish institutions.

Daytime/formal education has been free of any fees for higher education since 2012.

The country has 112 state and 74 foundation universities and vocational schools.

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