New education model to reform Turkish high schools

Published 18.05.2019 00:08

The Ministry of National Education has introduced a new middle education model that will reform high schools. Starting from the 2020-2021 academic year, middle and high schools will undergo a string of changes, including fewer class hours and elective courses.

The changes, which were set to be unveiled in detail over the weekend, come on the heels of a landmark change to school terms for grade schools that shortened summer holiday but added more school breaks in April and November.

The ministry plans to reduce class hours and a number of classes in middle school and class hours will be substantially reduced for Grade 12, the last year of high school. Instead, students in the last year will be given extra time to study more for university admission. They will also be allowed to pick any classes they want under a selective course model already in place at universities. The ministry also decided to make "information theory" a mandatory course for all high school students.

In June, the month the school year ends, high schools will focus on extracurricular activities instead of regular courses and students will be encouraged to take part in projects and so forth.

High schools will also host career offices, where students will have access to consultations for their future career planning.

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