Turkey's Supreme Election Board announces definite results

Published 18.06.2015 17:19
Updated 18.06.2015 18:01

Turkey's Supreme Election Board (YSK) announced the definite election results of the June 7 parliamentary elections on Thursday. Accordingly, 47,507,467 people casted their votes in the elections and the participation rate stood at 83.92 percent. 46,163,243 votes were valid and 1,344,224 were invalid.

The deputy distribution of 550 seats of the parliament has not changed and the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) received 258 seats, followed by 132 seats by the Republican People's Party (CHP), 80 seats by the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and 80 seats by the Peoples' Democratic Party.

AK Party came out on top as the first party in the elections by receiving 40.87 percent of the votes. Runner-up CHP received 24.95 percent, followed by 16.29 percent of MHP and 13.12 percent of HDP.

The Grand National Assembly of Turkey will convene in five days for the deputies to make their oaths and officially start their duties. In the next five days, candidacies for the parliament speaker position will be made, and the elections will be carried out in five days. CHP Deputy Deniz Baykal will preside this process as the parliament speaker as he is the oldest deputy elected.

A quorum of two out of three deputies, which is 367, is required for the first two rounds of speaker elections. If the first two rounds do not see a winner a third round will be held and the majority number will drop to 276 to be elected as the speaker. The fourth round will be carried with the two candidates who received highest number of votes in the earlier round, and a simple majority of votes will be required.

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