İP might face new waves of resignations if party decides to cooperate with CHP

Published 04.11.2018 22:21

Good Party (İP) may face another wave of resignations after its effort of building an alliance with other opposition parties was opposed by the party cadres, according to media reports.

Party Chairwoman Meral Akşener is in favor of an alliance to weather the storm of the upcoming local elections. But she has faced heavy criticism from the party members.

Despite all objections, however, Akşener has reportedly given the green light to nominating joint candidates - with the Republican People's Party (CHP) - for the capital Ankara and Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) stronghold Mersin.

In its meetings with the CHP, the names of Mansur Yavaş, who finished third in the 2009 Ankara Metropolitan Municipality elections from the MHP, and Mersin Mayor Burhanettin Kocamazlar, came up as possible candidates.

Akşener, who is determined to nominate Yavaş for capital Ankara, will then support CHP candidates in all the other provinces. The news of negotiations with the CHP, however, was not received well by the party.

The İP, along with the CHP, the Felicity Party (SP) and the Democrat Party (DP), was part of the Nation Alliance for the last presidential and parliamentary elections. The alliance received 33.9 percent of the votes, suffering a defeat against the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and the MHP's People's Alliance, which received 53.7 percent of the votes.

The İP's presidential candidate, Akşener received around 7 percent of the votes, well below the hype created around her home and abroad.

Her party, on the other hand, received around 9.95 percent of the votes but was able to send deputies in Parliament thanks to the alliance.Despite speculations, however, the İP and the CHP have both denied that a political alliance for the municipal elections was on their agenda.

According to the Turkish language daily, Güneş, a number of İP members, who believe that an alliance with other opposition parties might destroy the party, have decided to resign over the upcoming day, as a way of sending a message to the party administration.

After the last general elections, a number of İP high-ups, including three of its founding members Yusuf Halaçoğlu, Özcan Yeniçeri and Nevzat Bor, resigned from their posts, arguing that "the alliance with the CHP reduced party votes."

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