AK Party to send letters to first-time voters

Published 04.03.2019 00:09

To appeal to about 2.5 million young voters for the March 31 local elections, ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Chairman and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will send letters to eligible young voters to provide information about steps taken for the active participation of young people in politics and the party's project for the youth.

In the upcoming elections 1.2 million young people will vote for the first time, constituting 1.8 percent of total voters. Considering the high number of young voters that will cast their votes in local elections, parties have been underlining the need to persuade young voters.

As part of its election campaign, the AK Party plans to emphasize its election campaign on social media, which an effective tool for politicians to reach young voters.

This is the second time the AK Party leader will reach out to young voters via letters. Erdoğan started sending letters to young people when he was first elected president on Aug. 10, 2014, and decided to continue this practice for the upcoming local elections as well.

In the letters, Erdoğan is expected to give information about the steps taken by the AK Party to pave the way for the active participation of young people in politics and point out his personal efforts to decrease the age to elect and to be elected. Accordingly, the letters will be sent to first-time voters and young members of the AK Party's organizations.

Previously, Erdoğan highlighted last month that about 1 million young people would vote for the first time in the local elections and pointed to their role in determining the results of the elections. He called on party organizations to attach significance to young voters and increase efforts to appeal to them.

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