Netherlands, Turkey to build solar energy projects

Published 04.12.2015 21:24

Turkey and the Netherlands have signed an agreement worth 200 million euros to build solar energy projects with a capacity of 175 megawatts.

Authorities from Turkey's Humartaş construction and energy company and the Netherlands' Yakamoz energy company met during Innovation Week, which was organized with contributions from the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) and the Dutch Ministry of Economy in Istanbul. A financing agreement worth 64 million euros was signed between the two companies for the first package of the project, which will concern the production of 57 megawatts of solar energy. The signing ceremony was also attended by Guido Landheer, the deputy director of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Department of International Economic Relations. As a part of the cooperation on renewable energy between Turkey and the Netherlands, the first package of the solar energy project, which is supported by the Dutch government, will start electricity generation next year. The rest of the project, which requires an investment of 200 million euros in total, will be completed in mid-2017. Delivering a statement during the signing ceremony, Humartaş Energy CEO Yılmaz Humartaş said the projects are aimed to produce 280 million kilowatt hours of clean energy on an annual basis, which corresponds to the annual energy consumption of nearly 80,000 households. The signing ceremony was also attended by Humartaş Energy Senior Executive Cihad Terzioğlu as well as Yakamoz Energy CEO Anwar Wazir and Senior Executive Sefton Lo.

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