Comic book to raise Turkish children's awareness of energy efficiency

Published 09.06.2017 00:10

The Energy and Natural Resources Ministry has prepared a graphic novel in order to raise children's awareness of energy saving. The book, "Ali'nin Enerji Serüveni" (Ali's Energy Adventure) will be distributed to fourth and fifth graders who will be given their grades today, according to a report in the Sabah daily.

Energy and Natural Resources Minister Berat Albayrak instructed the initiation of a project to increase children's awareness of energy efficiency and saving. Upon the minister's instruction, the ministry staff acted and fashioned a new graphic novel and its protagonist.

The comic book tells the story of Ali and his robot named Volt. It covers energy sources such as coal, geothermal and solar and gives a message about energy efficiency.

Ali, who is a very curious child, makes a robot to help him. Then begin his adventures, which go through the energy resources required to operate Volt. First, Ali tries batteries to make his robot operate. When the batteries run out, he tries a plug, which in the end makes the electricity bill at home soar.

Afterward, Ali starts looking for alternative energy resources. The children who read the book will learn about coal, natural gas, wind, solar, hydroelectricity, geothermal and nuclear as energy sources and find out for what purposes these resources are used for other than generating electricity.

In addition to the adventures of Ali and Volt, the book also has crosswords, multiple choice tests and profiles of prominent scientists like Isaac Newton, Avicenna and Galileo.

With this project, the ministry aims to encourage students to engage in science as well as inform them about energy resources, electricity generation and raise their awareness regarding the relation between energy, the environment and energy efficiency.

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