Quest for alternative energy sources continue with wave power station

Published 09.06.2017 22:07

As Turkey's search for environmentally friendly and sustainable energy projects continues, the country is planning to install a wave power generation facility in Zonguldak.

The 50-kilowatt Pilot Wave Power Plant will be built in the western Black Sea region and will generate electricity from wave energy. An agreement for the project, a first in Turkey, was recently signed in Zonguldak.

The agreement for the 6.7 acre facility was signed by representatives of Zonguldak Governor's Office, Bülent Ecevit University, Western Black Sea Development Agency (BAKKA), Special Provincial Administration, Directorate of Environment and Urban Planning and Australian company.

The pilot project will test the efficiency of the wave energy generation facility. It also aims to develop alternative energy sources, raise awareness and support renewable energy sources.

The pilot station, with an installed capacity of 50 kW of power generation, will be established by Australia-based CSG Exploration and Production Services within the framework of the MoU signed between the parties. The investment will be made free of charge.

The electricity generated at the pilot facility will be supplied to the park currently being built by Zonguldak Special Provincial Administration.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Ayhan Bayrak, general manager of CSG Exploration and Production Services, said: "This energy will exist as long as the world exists. The conversion of the wave power into energy has gained momentum in the last 15 years. The Netherlands has been running these projects for a long time."

Following a demonstration at the wave energy plant, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the parties.

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