Toshiba, Zorlu agree on geothermal power plant projects

Published 20.09.2017 00:08

Toshiba announced yesterday that it has concluded a package deal agreement for equipment supply in Turkey, namely steam turbines and generators (STG) for geothermal power plants that Zorlu Energy Group, which also intends to acquire the TV unit of the Japanese tech giant, plans to construct in Turkey.

Under the terms of the agreement, Zorlu Energy Group will investigate steam flow, pressure levels and so on in three locations where it plans to construct plants by October 2020. If the results of survey meet the agreed terms and conditions, Toshiba will exclusively discuss and negotiate for supply of STGs for all three plants.

Commenting on the contract, Mr. Takao Konishi, vice president of the Thermal and Hydro Power Systems and Services Division in Toshiba's Energy Systems and Solutions Company said, "Toshiba and Zorlu Energy Group have been successfully working together on Unit 1 and Unit 2 of the Kızıldere III Geothermal Power Plant and Alaşehir Geothermal Power Plant and I am certain that the excellent performance and advanced technology of our STG can contribute even more to the geothermal power supply in Turkey."

The statement released by Toshiba underscored that energy consumption in Turkey is growing fast, driven by population growth and economic development, and both the government and the private sector are promoting projects to increase capacity.

Toshiba concluded a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Zorlu Energy Group in January 2016, covering the construction of geothermal, thermal and hydro power plants.

Toshiba delivered Japan's first commercial-use geothermal steam turbine and generator in 1966 and since then has delivered 54 turbines around the world, with a total capacity of 3,519 megawatts, accounting for approximately 23 percent of the world's installed geothermal capacity.

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