Turkish firm exports generators to 130 countries worldwide

Published 27.05.2019 00:12

One of Turkey's leading generator exporters, Teksan has been making a name for itself with its innovations in the field. Standing out with its biogas projects in the provinces of Mardin and Gaziantep and hybrid generators in the North Sea, the brand has recently provided 50% energy savings with its composite generator.

Teksan Generator board member Ebru Ata Tuncer, one of the second-generation representatives of the company, explained the innovations they made as Teksan Generator in line with the goal of renewable energy sources and sustainability. Exporting 60% of its production to 130 countries, Teksan competes with global giants in this scope, she told Turkish daily Hürriyet.

The company recorded the first generator export to Azerbaijan in 1996, Tuncer recalled, emphasizing the importance of the overseas operations for the company.

Tuncer said they reached different parts of the world in generator exports, spearheaded by Greece and Kazakhstan. "Algeria is also important for us. Last year, sales to Italy increased to a great extent," she added.

Commenting on their competition strategies with leading companies in the world, Tuncer said the company deployed all the systems recognized in the field.

"Generator production is not difficult, but it is important to manufacture a generator that answers the requests of customers," she continued. "There are very robust companies in the United States and Europe, but you find your place in the globalized world when you make quality products. The company we work with in the Netherlands gives Teksan generators to all data centers. We have taken steps in the Far East and the U.S., which are included in our five and 10-year plans. In 2019, we will open an office in London."

Further explaining the production of customized generators, Tuncer said they developed a custom-made product for the liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR), highlighting that the mining sites had different underground and above ground generator designs.

"We have been investing in research and development since 2007. In 2017, our R&D operations evolved into a center in its field," Tuncer said, adding that 29 Turkish engineers were also working in this center.

Stressing that they built Turkey's first hybrid generator providing uninterrupted energy for significant projects worldwide, Tuncer said the hybrid generator, the indicator of Teksan Generator's R&D power, was used on Total E&P's floating oil platform located in the North Sea.

"This project was realized with the cooperation of Teksan and Total engineering teams. They were taking the fuel by helicopter before. The Hybrid generator eliminated this cost," Tuncer added. "As the only hybrid generator used in a floating oil extraction platform, it is a first in the generator and energy sectors. The hybrid generator system that Teksan specially designed for the challenging conditions of the North Sea was so successful that it was named Total's most innovative application within the company in its first year."

Tuncer explained the purpose of biogas-powered generators, saying biogas was produced by animal and vegetable wastes.

"Turkey has an energy deficit, so these projects are very notable," she continued. "We realized the Mardin South Wastewater Plant cogeneration project. Teksan met the electricity and heating needs of the Kızıltepe Wastewater Plant, which changed the face of Mardin province, with a biogas cogeneration system."

Noting that they met the energy needs of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Biogas Production Facility with renewable power solutions, Tuncer said Teksan's biogas-powered cogeneration systems were used in the Biogas Production Plant in which 10,000 cubic meters of biogas would be produced daily.

"With the Teksan cogeneration solutions that meet the heating and electricity demand at the same time, 8.2 million kilowatts of electricity and 8.8 million kilowatts of heat will be generated annually, thus ensuring 90% energy efficiency," Tuncer said.

Teksan, one of Turkey's leading companies in exports, generated 60% of its turnover of TL 460 million in 2018 from exports. Exporting its products to more than 130 countries, the company has diversified its markets with sales to South America, Europe and Asia as well as the nearby markets such as the Middle East, Russia, the Turkic Republics, and North and Central Africa.

Having succeeded in entering into markets such as Australia, Cuba, Marshall Islands and Niger in 2018, Teksan will also focus on increasing its share in exports through new markets in 2019. The company plans to open office and warehouse areas in the U.K. and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in line with its goal of increasing exports.

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