Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan to hold energy, transportation forum tomorrow

Published 20.08.2019 00:08

An energy and transportation cooperation forum between Turkey, Russia and Azerbaijan is scheduled to be organized tomorrow by the Ankara-based Russian Studies Institute (RUSEN).

According to the statement released by RUSEN, the forum will be held in cooperation with RUSEN, the Moscow-based Modern Turkey Research Center and Baku Network at Ankara's Yıldırım Beyazıt University.

The one-day forum will evaluate new cooperation opportunities that will create an impact in Caucasia and Central Asia as experts from the three countries will deliberate on possible solutions for problems in the region.

RUSEN Chairman professor Salih Yılmaz stressed in the statement that the political developments emerging in the Middle East and Eastern Europe have compelled Turkey, Russia and Azerbaijan to focus on new collaborations in the fields of energy and transportation.

Russia has become an important partner for Turkey in its Asia Anew initiative, Yılmaz remarked, "Turkey is implementing the Middle Corridor project, incorporating Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan with a view to connect China to Turkey via the Caspian region."

Amur Gadzhiev, director of the Moscow-based Modern Turkey Research Center also pointed out that it is of great importance to solve the highway and railway connection problems of the Caspian Sea and the Caucasia region to enhance energy and transportation operations. "The expansion of commercial, economic and energy cooperation between the three states will yield a positive impact on other Eurasian countries," he pointed out.

Sergey Markov, Russian-Turkish Public Forum general secretary and director of the Institute of Political Studies, highlighted the significance of trilateral participation in the forum as he maintained that it will be an important method to solve the existing problems. Baku Network Chairman and Trend.az Editor Elkhan Alasgarov stated that the rich oil and gas resources of Azerbaijan can be more actively seized with tripartite cooperation and an economic cooperation area starting from China and extending into the West could be instituted.

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