Animal lover gives disabled dog new life in central Turkey

Published 02.04.2017 18:59
Anadolu Agency Photo
Anadolu Agency Photo

A man in the central Anatolian city of Kırıkkale has given a disabled dog a new leash on life by creating a walker out of a shopping trolley.

49-year-old Mehmet Köksal, found a solution to help the street dog named Kostak after a car crash left him without the use of his hind legs.

Köksal improvised a walker for the dog out of a wheeled market cart and is now waiting for authorities to help the animal receive treatment to improve its living conditions.

The animal lover has been looking after stray dogs in village of Ahılı for ten years, "Every day I go to the neighborhood and collect bread left by people and feed it to the animals," Köksal said.

"A friend who is a butcher also gives me free boned chicken meat every day and I bring it to the dogs. This is enough to feed them," he added.

Köksal stated that he had been feeding Kostak for some time when the animal was hit by a vehicle and lost the use of his back legs.

Kostak can run and walk much more comfortably with the use of the walker, but Köksal is still awaiting more medical assistance for the dog.

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