New garbage sensors big step toward smart cities

Published 08.11.2018 21:11

With growing populations, cities have been forced to find smarter solutions through advanced technology. The latest step to make urban living easier for both residents and local government agencies is sensors that trigger alarms when garbage containers are full.

Designed by the Ankara-based research and development company Evreka, sensors that can be installed in public garbage containers set off alarms for municipal garbage collectors, attracting the attention of garbage trucks to empty the container. With the system, municipalities are able to lower the cost of garbage collecting and are able to more efficiently collect trash in the least amount of time.

Currently, the company is working with 30 garbage collecting firms and 15 municipalities around Turkey as well as seven other countries.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Evreka Funding Partner Mert Barutçu said the garbage trucks track the containers with a navigation system. "When the containers are full, the information is delivered to the garbage trucks. By using the system, the garbage collectors collect more garbage with minimum resources," said Barutçu.

The system can also be rented by the municipalities and private sector waste collectors.

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