EU minister blames European media for anti-Muslim sentiment

Published 31.03.2017 22:35
Updated 31.03.2017 22:36

EU Minister and Chief Negotiator Ömer Çelik on Friday criticized the European media for propagating the misperception that "all terrorists are Muslims."

Speaking at a panel on the European Anti-Muslim Report (EIR) 2016, prepared by the Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA), the EU minister marked the refugee crisis and Daesh terror as the main reasons for anti-Muslim.

Regarding the misconception that there were links between acts of terrorism and Muslims, the EU minister said, "Daesh had a huge impact on the European public and their politicians manipulated the negative events against Muslims in general."

Çelik also noted that terrorist incidents could not be systematically evaluated in accordance with Islam.

"Using the words of Islam and terror side by side only strengthens Daesh ideologically. European politicians, who see radicalization as something particular to Muslims, are also misled. This kind of idea deepens the divide and discrimination [in society] and damages all Muslims," the minister added, while criticizing European politicians over the upward movement in far-right mentalities.

As anti-migration and anti-Islam rhetoric begins to dominate European politics while far-right politics gain ground all across Europe, Çelik pointed out that anti-Muslim was becoming a real threat to the basic principles of the EU and social peace.

"We see anti-Erdoğan, anti-Turkey, anti-Islam and xenophobic movements in Europe, which are based on racist politics," the minister said.

Çelik said the perception that refugees would occupy Europe,was a view manipulated by some fascist politicians, who using the media, wanted to create a fear of Muslims among Europeans.

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