German politician of Turkish descent honored to serve in European Parliament

Published 30.05.2019 00:05

It is a great honor to be able to represent the people, said Engin Eroğlu, a German politician of Turkish descent who was elected to the European Parliament (EP).

"It is exciting to be elected to the European Parliament," Eroğlu said on Wednesday in an interview with Anadolu Agency (AA). Eroğlu, who was elected as an MEP from the Free Voters Party (Freie Waehler) in the European Parliament elections, reminded the media that he has been in politics voluntarily for 22 years.

"I am the second generation in my family since their arrival to Germany. They are happier than me. When my relatives are happy, I become happy," Eroğlu stated. Commenting on the commissions he can work in, he said that he has worked in the finance sector until now. Stating that he has experience in the areas of finance and economy, Eroğlu also expressed his interest in international politics.

In his analysis on the results of the European Parliament elections in Germany, he underlined that downward trends of the ruling Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) / Christian Social Union in Bavaria (CSU) alliance and Social Democrat Party (SPD) have continued.

Commenting on the successful performance of Greens, Eroğlu said, "We should wait to see whether the Greens maintain their recent popularity in future."

Also expressing his concerns over the far-right populist parties' success in the recent election, Eroğlu said, "There is a distinction between East Germany and West Germany. The AfD's [Alternative for Germany] success in the east of Germany is extremely scary."

The AfD became the first or second party across the states located in the east of Germany during the recent European Parliament elections which was held between May 23 and May 26. Eroğlu described the AfD's high vote share as a people's response to the failed policies of the government and underlined possible dangers of the presence of the AfD in the European Parliament.

"I see a danger that the AfD will separate people in Europe with populist discourses by carrying their policies in Germany to the European Parliament," he added. The Free Voters Party took 2.2% of the popular vote in the European Parliament elections and its two members were elected as members of parliament.

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