Greece turns to embassies to cover its needs

Published 16.05.2015 00:00
Updated 16.05.2015 10:46

The Greek government, which is struggling to find financial sources after the cash flow from Europe was disrupted, asked its embassies and consulates to immediately send the unused savings to Athens.

According to Greek media outlets, Greece's Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked its foreign representations to send back their excess funds and collections from consular services to Athens, with diplomatic courier if these transactions take time.

Greek daily To Vima published the related Ministry document, stating that it is the first time such a request is being made in Greece.

Diplomatic circles in Athens stated that foreign representations' operations would be largely disrupted if the money is sent back to Greece, the article pointed out.

The Greek government had earlier seized the pension funds of public institutions to pay April wages of public employees and retirees, sparking an outcry in largest coalition partner SYRIZA.

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