Brits defend woman in burkini requested to strip in viral social experiment

Published 30.08.2016 09:28
Updated 30.08.2016 16:25

A social experiment video went viral this week in which a U.K. 'policeman' requests a woman in a burkini – a special swimsuit designed for modest women – and the Britons around defend her.

Beach-goers at Southend-On-Sea reacted against seeing a Muslim woman in the full-length swimsuit being ordered to remove it.

"You can't wear it at the beach. You are wearing it because you are oppressed," the actor disguised as an officer tells the woman. The fake police then grabs the woman's head covering and tries to pull it off.

Nevertheless, it isn't long before a crowd gathers around the lady and stand up against the 'policeman.'

One of the women in the crowd tells the fake cop, "You can't do that. It's religious. You cannot discriminate her against her religion."

Recently, France came under fire by activists for prohibiting Muslim women from wearing the body-concealing swimsuit burkini, and forcing Muslim women wearing it to strip in 15 seaside towns where the ban is imposed.

The ban prompted an outcry from Muslims in France and around the world. The decision also drew ire from human rights activists.

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