Denmark's asylum centers shaken by sexually violated underage migrants

Published 01.11.2016 21:35

Fresh allegations of sexual assault on underage migrants in the children's asylum center Børnecenter Tullebølle and the degrading humanitarian situation in the reception centers in the country has shaken Denmark. After the announcement made by the Danish Immigration Service (Udlændingestyrelsen - DIS) last week that the center for unaccompanied underage asylum seekers was shut down, it surfaced that at least three officials knew about a female employee's sexual acts with underage asylum seekers, the Local Denmark said yesterday.

Langeland Municipality, after the revealed details, announced that Sisi Eibye, the head of its asylum program was fired "with immediate effect."

The DIS was informed last week that two female employees of the center are suspected of having sexually violated one or more migrant boys under the age of 18.

Anti-immigration sentiment has been on the rise in the country as police arrested a Dane for trying to blow himself up at an asylum center in August.

Denmark, known for its long history of high human rights standards, tolerance and openness, has become the least attractive country in Europe for refugees and asylum seekers thanks to its anti-refugee policies. The country has not only reinstated border controls to stem the flow of refugees into the country, those who are already in the country have been slapped with a new refugee law that aims to make the country an unwanted destination for migrants, scaring them away by imposing harsh policies; stripping refugees of jewelry to pay for their aid and potentially sending them to state-backed refugee villages with extended waiting periods for family reunification of up to three years.

Only 284 sought asylum in August, according to numbers released by the Immigration Ministry on Sept. 23. "Our own restrictions have, together with the efforts of other European countries and our joint initiatives in the EU, decreased the asylum pressure in Denmark," Integration Minister Inger Støjberg said in a press release.

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