Afghan asylum seekers in Sweden attacked by right-wing extremists

Published 10.08.2017 00:27

A number of refugees demonstrating against Sweden's deportation policy were reportedly racially attacked by right wing extremist network Nordisk ungdom (Nordic Youth). Stockholm Police reported that young asylum seekers attending at a sit-down protest had flammable items thrown at them, and three of them were slightly injured. Police stated that they tightened up security after the violent attack.

"We've expanded security and will keep it in place at least during the day. Then a new decision will be made," Jens Mårtensson from the Stockholm police told news agency TT, as reported by the Local Norway.

"[The group of 15-16 people] were identified and removed. We'll see how we figure out who has done what," Mårtensson explained.

A young group of asylum seekers were reportedly demonstrating at the square in sit-down protests asking the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket) to stop deportations to Afghanistan because it is too dangerous. They want to meet the agency's general director Mikael Ribbenvik to discuss the issue in person. Afghan asylum-seekers have been suffering from deportations to their home country not only in Sweden but in Germany as well. Germany has increasingly sending back Afghans, arguing that much of their country, where the German military has helped stabilization efforts for years, is safe. The German government decision, which led to some controversy, placed parts of Afghanistan on the list of safe countries of origin, allowing the deportation of thousands of Afghan asylum seekers.

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