Woman who spent her life in UK asked to prove she is British, faces deportation

Published 28.10.2017 22:56
Updated 28.10.2017 23:02
A Union Jack flag flies above the London Eye in London, Britain, September 11, 2017. (Reuters Photo)
A Union Jack flag flies above the London Eye in London, Britain, September 11, 2017. (Reuters Photo)

A British woman who applied for a spousal visa after marrying her Brazilian husband was forced to prove that she is allowed to legally live in the United Kingdom, after a Home Office worker's failure to pronounce her name led to a misunderstanding, Daily Mail reported Saturday.

29-year-old Mari Di Gennaro was expecting to get her husband's visa approved after six months of marriage, but things got out of control when a Home Office worker decided to reject the application and put a travel ban on the newlyweds.

The worker reportedly failed to pronounce Di Gennaro's name while conducting background checks during a phone call with her former workplace. Colleagues of the veteran nurse were not able to recognize Di Gennaro's name, which consequently led the government to demand proof whether the British woman was even allowed to live in the country in which she grew up. The Home Office allegedly took this decision without even checking the woman's tax or insurance records.

Di Gennaro told Daily Mail she was very upset of being accused to "fabricate" her work history in the UK and felt "insulted" after receiving a letter demanding to prove her legitimacy in the country she has lived since she was a toddler of two years.

"I could understand if I had come here as an adult, but I've lived here near enough my entire life and it is my home. To be told I need to prove I could stay in my home is insulting, the Home Office needs to understand that we are people, not numbers," Daily Mail reported her saying.

Di Gennaro's study at Birbeck University was also reportedly halted after Home Office measures stopped her student finance payments, negatively affecting not only her personal life but also her education.

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