Bosnian Serb war crimes suspect arrested in Germany


German authorities have arrested a man suspected of war crimes during the 1990s Bosnian conflict, the war crimes prosecutor in Sarajevo said Monday.

The Bosnian Serb, Milorad Obradovic, 51, was arrested in Munich on an international warrant from Sarajevo.

Obradovic is accused of illegally detaining 120 Muslim Bosniaks in 1992 in the area of Prijedor, in eastern Bosnia. The people were later executed, three of them by the accused personally, according to the indictment.

Another suspect in the same case had recently been arrested in Montenegro, the prosecutors's office said.

The Bosnian war pitted the Serbs against Bosniaks and Croats, uneasy allies who also fought in some areas.

Nearly 100,000 people died in the 1992-95 war, which was marked by atrocities such as the Serb genocide of Bosniaks at Srebrenica a few months before a U.S.-brokered peace deal ended the bloodshed.

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