Group of teens assaults Muslim girl, rips off her headscarf in Islamophobic attack in Dublin

Published 21.08.2019 00:47

Irish national police have launched a probe into a racist and Islamophobic attack by a group of teenagers who targeted a Muslim teenage girl over the weekend.

The 14-year-old girl was kicked, tossed to the ground and pelted with eggs after some teenagers attacked her while she was walking with a friend on a street in Dundrum village in southern Dublin on Sunday afternoon.

A video, which was shared online by a person who claimed to be the sister of the victim, showed the Muslim teen being physically attacked before her headscarf was ripped off of her head.

Irish Culture and Heritage Minister Josepha Madigan said in a statement that she strongly condemns the incident in Dundrum, adding that she hopes the perpetrators will be brought to justice soon.

Doctor Ali Selim from the Islamic Cultural Center of Ireland told the Irish Sun that in order to prevent such misbehavior and to keep hatred out of Ireland, "there is a desperate need for legislation against hate crimes."

"We call on the state offices to take serious actions on the matter and for the perpetrators to be brought to justice immediately," he added.

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