An evening with Yasmin Levy in the Open Air Theatre

Published 18.07.2014 23:32
An evening with Yasmin Levy in the Open Air Theatre

Yasmin Levy who has a large fan base in Turkey will perform in Cemil Topuzlu Harbiye Open Air Theatre on August 28. The concert series organized by Pera Events will continue during August as a part of its 20th year events. Extraordinary performer of Ladino music, Yasmin Levy continues to put on a show with her enchanting music that mirrors Argentine tango and Portuguese fado. Turkish instruments and sharp rises in artist's last album Libertad make it more passionate. As it is a musical journey for Levy, her last album has a distinctive stance since there are Spanish and Turkish music influences on her Ladino language songs.

Stating that Libertad helped her to bring out her true musical soul, "this project shows who I am and where I am in my life. This album has become a work where I feel completely free," said Levy. This state of freedom can be felt in her songs as well. There are 12 songs in the album and seven of them belong to Levy herself. The album also includes one of the pearls of Turkish music Firuze and an incredible version of a Farsi classic Recuerdo (Soghati). Yasmin Levy blends her passion for flamenco with Turkish music's emotional and sensitive nature. The stage performance of the artist has a different kind of soul as rich melodies of Turkish instruments and the piano are added to the flamenco guitar. On top of that, Yasmin Levy's performance achieves to create an incredible atmosphere through her enchanting voice, her lyrics and her mixing different musical cultures.

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