"Annual Open House" exhibition to be held at Muse Istanbul

Published 24.07.2014 01:04
Annual Open House exhibition to be held at Muse Istanbul

The Gallery Bergsen & Bergsen hosts the first "Annual Open House" exhibition that is planned to be held each year. The Bergsen & Bergsen Gallery, which has managed to create a distinctive arts platform in a distinctive place, brings artists and art-lovers together in summer time. The project started on July 17 and will be on display throughout the summer at the Gallery in Muse Istanbul. The purpose of the project is to present an alternative format for artists and art lovers.

Various artists from many different disciplines find the opportunity to exhibit their works in various stages of their career. The exhibition is open to participation of all kinds of artist has no curators. The works will be selected through the independent choice of participant artists, thus creating a dynamic and organic order. So art lovers will enjoy seeing an exhibition place beyond the ordinary art-shopping. They will also have the chance to have good time at Muse Istanbul, which is designed as an inspirational area.

When: Throughout summer
Where: Muse Istanbul

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