‘New Babylon,’ first solo Walid Siti exhibition

Published 25.11.2014 01:31
Updated 27.12.2014 15:27
‘New Babylon,’ first solo Walid Siti exhibition

Gallery Zilberman proudly presents the first solo exhibition of Walid Siti in Istanbul. The exhibition displays the artist's recent works of pattern, sculpture and instalments under the title of "New Babylon." The constantly changing and transforming face of the Middle East forms the basic structure of the artist's work. Through metaphorical mountains and large gaps in his works, the Kurdish-origin London-based artist presents his homeland and the organic link between human beings and the geography with a poetic language. The artistic practice of Siti has evolved with people's organic link to nature through the structures that they have built. Pyramids, ziggurats and towers, which have been shaped by the very idea of "reaching further and further up," transform into a dynamic and endless movement. With his new exhibition, the artist looks back to his motherland and the structures that have been built on it, searching ways to visualize their abstract meanings. Realities of power structures and hasty developments in Middle Eastern societies create a fragile and uncertain future for the people and Siti describes this situation in his works with a plain but also poetic language filled with metaphors. His unique visual grammar of artistic language connects the past and the future by telescoping time. Siti's delicate works creates a contrast with the bitter reality of these troubled lands, and search for another reality and spirituality in contradiction with destructive and invasive aspirations such as the conquest for power and victory. "New Babylon" solo exhibition by Walid Siti can be visited at Galeri Zilberman at the third floor of Mısır Apartmanı until Jan. 10, 2015.

When: Until Jan. 10, 2015
Where: Gallery Zilberman

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