Past and present Çanakkale in photo exhibition

Published 01.06.2015 23:33
Updated 01.06.2015 23:34

Bozlu Art Project is hosting a solo exhibition by Ali Teoman Germaner, commonly known as "Aloş," who is an eminent figure of modern sculpture. Curated by Özlem İnay Erten, the exhibition was arranged by Nevzat Sayın. Germaner introduces a comprehensive selection of his drawings, paintings and sculptures made since the 1950s. Studying with important figures of Turkish sculpture like Rudolf Belling, Ali Hadi Bara and Zühtü Müridoğlu, Germaner reflects the cornerstones of his artistic life in this exhibition as both an artist and academic. He has witnessed a large portion of the transformation that Turkish sculpture passed through so far and his work shows his artistic life spanning over 60 years. "The history of humanity is my history as well," Germaner said in a statement. His fantastic figures are inspired by the art and mythology of civilizations such as Mesopotamia, Egypt and Central America. Germaner's visual language also examines political and social issues through metaphoric expressions. Viewers also see the figure of the Phoenix, which has become the artist's signature in his paintings and sculptures. The exhibition is indeed a trip to the depths of Germaner's extraordinary imagination. It is possible to understand his deep knowledge and mastery of materials as well as his quest for rich expression through abstract concepts in drawings, paintings, gravures and wooden and bronze.

When: Until Wednesday

Where: Bozlu Art Project, Nişantaşı

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