Bajar combines Turkish and Kurdish rock

Published 02.06.2015 22:45
Updated 02.06.2015 22:52

Bajar, a rock music group performing Kurdish and Turkish folk-rock, will perform for an Istanbul audience at Kadıköy Sahne on June 5. Following their debut album titled in Kurdish and Turkish, "Nezbe / Yaklaş" (To Come Closer), the group's second album "B'xer Hati / Hoş geldiniz" (Welcome) was released in 2012. Aiming to gather different cultures and languages under the same roof, Bajar covers the voices of the streets on their second album. The band's journey follows the traces of bilingual Kurdish and Turkish music, and they turn human stories into a universal music language. With their Kurdish and Turkish folk-rock compositions, Bajar will jazz up the city and strengthen the common effort to live together in harmony.

When: Friday

Where: Kadıköy Sahne

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